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One by One

A passionate and heartrending memoir of tragedy and perseverance from an opiate addict in an opiate addicted community, and an up-close look at America’s new health crisis.

The da Vinci Legacy

For the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death, an acclaimed art historian and an art connoisseur uncover how this elusive artist became a pop icon with megastar status in modern times.

Virtually everyone would agree that Leonardo da Vinci was the most important artist of the High Renaissance. Although he produced few finished works, it was Leonardo who singlehandedly created the defining features of Western art: a realism based on subtle shading; depth using atmospheric effects; and dramatic contrasts between light and dark.

For Alison

A father’s account of the story that captivated America, the murder of his beautiful daughter, Alison Parker, on live television, and his heroic fight for commonsense gun laws in the aftermath.

On August 26, 2015, Emmy Award-winning twenty-four-year-old reporter Alison Parker was murdered on live television, along with her twenty-seven-year-old colleague, photojournalist Adam Ward. Their interviewee, Vicki Gardner, was also shot, but survived. This was yet another of the national, headline-grabbing gun murders shocking America: the difference this time was that it unfolded on live television, on WDBJ7, a CBS affiliate station, and the video would be shared on other stations and spread over the internet like wildfire. It’s had hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube alone.

The World Beneath

From internationally renowned marine biologist Dr. Richard Smith comes an underwater journey into the homes of hundreds of unknown sea creatures.

Dr. Richard Smith has dived into the ocean more than thirty-five hundred times. He regularly comes face to face with sea animals most of us have never heard of, and certainly never seen; he’s even discovered many of them. In The World Beneath, Dr. Smith takes us through the mysterious, sprawling deep blue sea and introduces us to its jaw-dropping, but unknown residents.

Rock Stars at Home

The first-ever guide to the most ostentatious and over-the-top homes in rock ’n’ roll history.

You can tell a lot about people from the way they live, and rock stars are no exception. From Graceland to Neverland, private planes to island hideaways, Rock Stars at Home takes you inside the houses, pools, planes, music rooms, playgrounds, and more of the biggest names in rock and pop and some of the most extravagant home comforts ever known.

Designer Dogs

Designer Dogs is the new hit sensation, the fast-selling book sweeping the nation, the shocking exposure of the dangers of continuing to make our dogs tinier or funnier looking, more “Instagram worthy.” Dr. Phil calls it “an informative, heartwarming book” and says “I want you to get this book; I want you to read this book; and then I want you to become a soldier in the army that Madeline Bernstein is leading.”

THE Million Dollar Greeting

Veteran hospitality expert Dan Sachs interviews top business leaders to reveal how extraordinary customer service brings high profit, brand loyalty, and a vibrant workplace, and to share how you can implement their techniques in your own business.


A touching and thought-provoking account of how a woman explored a spectrum of religions—ancient and new—and ended up, unexpectedly, becoming a bona fide witch.


A shocking firsthand account of a young mom’s fight for justice while being wrongly imprisoned, and the incredible stories of the women she meets inside.

Hiit Your Limit

Releasing in advance of the guaranteed time for weight gain, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and just before the new year begins, award-winning fitness guru Dr. Len Kravitz distills the hottest celebrity workout, high-intensity interval training–HIIT–and reveals how both laymen and gym rats can conquer it themselves, no expensive personal trainer required.
Publishing October 9, 2018.

The Outdoor Citizen

A groundbreaking volume from the president and CEO of the Appalachian Mountain Club makes the profound argument that to preserve the environment, a revolution must take place in which every person becomes a champion for nature and the outdoors.
Publishing March 12, 2019.


The world’s leading chocolate taster shares his wild ride to attain the most envied job, and explains his warning heard around the world: that we might soon run out of chocolate.


From the leading photographer of Cuba, A Taste of Cuba is a stunning culinary and visual journey through Cuba that presents 75 authentic, never-before-shared recipes from the world’s most inventive chefs.


#1 Best Seller – Over 50,000 Copies Sold
Hailed by the likes of Israel’s founder David Ben-Gurion, Days of Lead is a gripping best seller recounting the author’s life on the front line during Israel’s War of Independence and is internationally released for the first time in conjunction with Israel’s 70th birthday.


Extraordinary conversations between a confidant of Martin Luther King Jr. and a modern-day activist lead to the game-changing realizations that a second-wave civil rights movement is unfolding and that we must embrace the lessons of the past to effect lasting change.